This site hosts Demo versions of all variants of the StageShow plugin.

To try the demos, you need to login to this site. Either Register or Login Here to access the site.

Once logged in, you will be able to access the control panel for all StageShow variants, create Shows, Performances and Ticket Prices, view Sales etc. The Box Office output is available via the normal site menus, and simulated purchases can be made from here.

Note: StageShowGold is still under development.  A Beta Release Version, for testing purposes only, is available for purchase. This will be updated to a full release (free) when initial development and testing is complete.

These demos are subject to the following limitations:

  • They do not access the PayPal server, or use  the PayPal Checkout
  • Simulated Payment processing is available, with the payee details entered manually
  • Each user has their own dataspace
  • The Box Office page is specific to a user & only available while logged-in
  • Settings for all users will be cleared periodically
  • StageShow Settings can be viewed but not edited