StageShow provides a number of simple admin pages to allow the definition of Show names, Performance date and times and ticket Prices and types. Then a single Wordpress shortcode adds a online BoxOffice to your website.

StageShow uses its own integrated Shopping Trolley to collect orders, and a "Payment Gateway" to collect payments. The free version of StageShow (on only supports a PayPal payment gateway, allowing purchasers to pay using either a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is used to record sales and to collect buyer information. Premium versions of StageShow allow the use of other payment gateways (see the Features Summary below for full details).

Each sale is fully recorded, with contact and payment details, tickets purchased and the transaction reference from the payment gateway, all saved to the Wordpress database. Confirmation emails containing these details, which can be customised as required, are sent to each purchaser and can be copied to the system administrator. Emails are in text only format for the free version of StageShow. Premium versions use the MIME encoded email format which allows fonts, images etc. to be defined in the email template.

StageShow includes the facility on the admin pages to verify the transaction number for use at show time. Sales can also be exported to a "TAB Separated Text" file to produce a printed sales list, or for further processing by other applications (i.e. Spreadsheets etc.).

An online demo (for all StageShow Variants) is available here.

StageShow Features Summary

  • Adds a online BoxOffice for a Single Show
  • Up to 4 Performances with Specified Date/Time and Max Number of Tickets
  • Unlimited number of Ticket Types for each performance
  • Integrated Shopping Trolley
  • Integrated PayPal Payment Collection
  • Payments accepted using Credit/Debit cards or from PayPal account
  • EMail confirmation of Booking to Client and (optionally) to Administrator
  • Manual entry of ticket sales for telephone sales etc.
  • Online and Offline Sale Transaction ID validation
  • Export of Ticket Sales and Settings as "TAB Separated Text" format file
  • Access to StageShow Admin pages/features controlled by custom capabilities
  • Extensive Help (in PDF format) file shipped with plugin

Additional Features in StageShow+ (available here)

  • No limit on number of Shows or Performances
  • Unlimited user defined "Price Plans" to set prices when adding a performance
  • Optional ticket Reservations for logged in users (i.e. Unpaid ticket sales)
  • "Admin Only" ticket prices (only available via Admin menus)
  • Reservation Client Details captured from Users Profile
  • MIME Encoded EMails so HTML/Text mixed format emails supported
  • Optional Barcode of Transaction ID in sale confirmation emails
  • Logging of Online Ticket Validation attempts
  • Multiple Terminal Support for Verification
  • Editing of Sale Entries
  • Show title output on Box Office page customisable per show (text/HTML)
  • Customisable Performance titles on Box Office page per performance (text/HTML)
  • Optional sales summary EMail (to a specified email address) on each new sale
  • Booking Closing Time can be specified for each performance
  • Custom Style Sheets
  • Stripe and PayFast payment gateways

Additional Features in StageShowGold (available here)

  • Allocated Seating
  • Customisable Seating Layouts
  • Discounted Tickets/Discount Codes
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • QR Codes on Confirmation EMails
  • Mollie payment gateway