How do I get help?

  • Read these FAQs
  • Read the documentation
  • Contact the plugin author here. Requests for help that are already well documented may get a sharp response!

How do I set up StageShow?

  • Install the plugin and activate it
  • Go to the StageShow - Settings page and enter your PayPal details and click "Save Settings"
  • Now go to the show, performance and prices pages and set up your show!
  • Create a page on your website for the Box Office (or edit an existing one) and add the tag [sshow-boxoffice] to it

What PayPal settings are required?

PayPal API Access must be enabled - and the associated User, Password, Signature and EMail entries added to "Stageshow" settings.

IPN (Instant Payment Notification) must be enabled for Sales to be recorded by the PlugIn. Payment will still be accepted and the sale will be recorded by PayPal if IPN is disabled.

Set the "IPN Listener" URL to http://{Your Site URL}/wp-content/plugins/stageshow/stageshow_NotifyURL.php.

Why can't I edit the PayPal settings?

PayPal Login details cannot be changed if one or more performance entries are present.

The StageShow plugin creates a PayPal "Saved Button" when a performance is added to the show. There is currently no mechanism to recreate these buttons if the PayPal configuration is changed, hence the limitation.

What WordPress settings are required?

StageShow needs the WordPress setting of TimeZone to be correctly set-up (i.e. to a City) for time-sensitive functionality to operate correctly. The current value can be found on the Settings->General admin page.

Why can't I delete a show or performances?

A performance cannot be deleted if there are sales recorded for it and the show start time has not yet been reached. A show cannot be deleted if performances are still configured for it.

How do I add a Booking Form to my site?

Add the tag [sshow-boxoffice] to either a new or existing page on your site. This will be replaced by the booking form when the page is viewed by a user.

Do my purchasers have to have a PayPal account?

No. Turning on the "PayPal Account Optional" setting on the sellers PayPal account allows purchasers to use a Credit or Debit card without the need for a PayPal account. Details are in the StageShow help file.

How can I customise the EMails?

The EMails generated by the StageShow plugin are defined by a template file.

Template defaults are in the {Plugins Folder}/{Plugin Name}/templates/email folder, which is copied to the {Uploads Folder}/stageshow/email when the plugin is Activated or Updated. The default email template is stageshow_EMail.php.

The default template can be copied to new a file in the uploads folder, which can then be used to create a custom template, which can then in turn be selected using the Admin->Settings page.

The template file can be modified as required. A number of "Tags" can be included in the EMail template, which will be replaced by data relating to the sale extracted from the database.

What tags can be used in the EMail template?

The following tags can be used in the EMail template:

  • [salePPName] Buyer PayPal Account Details: Name
  • [salePPStreet] Buyer PayPal Account Details: Street
  • [salePPCity] Buyer PayPal Account Details: City
  • [salePPState] Buyer PayPal Account Details: State
  • [salePPZip] Buyer PayPal Account Details: Zip/Post Code
  • [salePPCountry] Buyer PayPal Account Details: Country
  • [saleDateTime] Sale Details: Date and Time
  • [saleName] Sale Details: Buyer Name
  • [saleEMail] Sale Details: Buyer EMail
  • [salePaid] Sale Details: Paid
  • [saleTxnId] Sale Details: PayPal Transaction ID (TxnId)
  • [saleStatus] Sale Details: PayPal Transaction Status
  • [saleBarcode] Sale Details: PayPal Transaction ID converted to a Barcodes (Only for StageShow+)
  • [startloop] Marker for the start of a loop for each ticket type purchased
  • [endloop] Marker for the end of the loop
  • [ticketName] Sale Details: Ticket Name
  • [ticketType] Sale Details: Ticket Type ID
  • [ticketQty] Sale Details: Ticket Quantity
  • [organisation] The Organsiation ID (as on the Settings Page)
  • [adminEMail] The Admin EMail (as on the Settings Page)
  • [url] The Site Home Page URL

How can I use my own images on the Checkout page?

Default Images in the {Plugins Folder}/{Plugin Name}/templates/images folder are copied to the {Uploads Folder}/{Plugin Name}/images when the plugin is Activated or Updated.

Custom images can be copied to this folder (using FTP) and can then be selected using the Admin->Settings page.

Where is the User Guide?

A copy of the User Guide, as a pdf file, is included with StageShow distributions. This can be accessed via a link on the Overview page.

The User Guide can also be downloaded or viewed here.